It would be great if at least for Single File Hashing the user could specify multiple hashes with checkboxes instead of just a single hash as currently with the radio buttons.
e.g. I need to upload a single file for others to download and need to provide MD5, SHA-1 and SHA256 hashes. Currently, I need to do this as 3 spearate steps, and for each step I need to separately copy/paste the hash results.
If these were checkboxes, then all could be generated in one step and the reslut all listed together as text, such as:
MD5: 0EAAC9C365A4193BCC83016E6FC92086
SHA-1: 3445ABF7CFC826D2BD3989DF9B3981F25A1442CA
SHA256: 246C79E482B75B0C631A503302E232D8E071AB7AB37D6B2EBBD0B30C62752816