Please enhance the security running of the application by making it sandboxed.

Output from RB App Checker lite in the below.

Evaluating the application “QuickHash”.

The application was signed by “DigiCert Assured ID Root CA”, “Edward Smith”.
The (unverified) signing-time is: 28 Feb 2018 at 22:01:17.
The object code format is “app bundle with Mach-O thin (i386)”.
Both bundle and signing identifiers are “”.
The signature specifies implicit requirements. 
The signature specifies resource rules (v1). 
The signature specifies resource rules (v2). 
Requirements and resources validate correctly.

The code signature has the UUID “BE962E05-7920-699B-D04C-F66117E4B3EF”.
Executable code for i386 has the UUID “7346CE04-6540-3C93-9B7E-7C312FBA2491”.

A signing-time snapshot of the application’s Info.plist was found. 
Version 0.1 (1)

The signature contains 3 certificates. 
Certificate “DigiCert Assured ID Root CA”: 
Your keychain contains this trusted root certificate.
Will expire on 10 Nov 2031.
Certificate “DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA”: 
Will expire on 22 Oct 2028.
Certificate “Edward Smith”: 
Will expire on 30 Jan 2019.
SHA1 fingerprint: “E0331F55B8C1EDE4B81E8A5376F7FF5E3C3F2E70”.

The application is not sandboxed.

The application is quarantined. 

No auxiliary executables have been found.
2 data files have executable permissions, but should not.