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Existing Testimonials

QuickHash and File Backup Online

Having had serious problems with other backup/file-archiving methods, I now use the USAF Encryption Wizard (now called TENS, nothing to do with relief from pain) to encrypt-archive some crucial work files.

My procedure is to encrypt-archive the crucial files with the USAF Encryption Wizard and then I decrypt-expand the .wza file that the USAF Encryption Wizard has created to another folder. I then use QuickHash to check that the decrypted-expanded files are identical to the originals. Since there are over 180MB of crucial files, I cannot manually check each file, even though the USAF Encryption Wizard does support hashing files.

Without QuickHash I would be unable to use the method I currently use. The encrypted archive is uploaded to Dropbox, which does not support user-supplied encryption keys.

I have spot-checked the accuracy of what QuickHash is doing by using the USAF Encryption Wizard’s hashing function on some files. I did those spot-checks on an earlier version of QuickHash and will in due course do the same spot-check on the current version.

David Smith

SHA256 Checksum Calculation for Dummies!

For years I have recognised the importance of verifying that the software I download is the original version, and not one that’s been tampered with, but, as a non technical user, I found it impossible to get to grips with command line prompts, so I’ve been playing a dangerous game…

Anyway, I went to download the ZenCash wallet the other day, and on their download page they wrote:

“Security check: You may decide to run a virus scan on it before proceeding… In addition using a tool such as http://quickhash-gui.org/ you may calculate the its SHA256 checksum.”

Not expecting to be able to make it work, I downloaded your software nonetheless, and was delighted when it worked flawlessly and without me needing any technical skills.

This is truly an answer to my prayers, so please accept my £20 donation with my sincere thanks!

Ted Long

Very intuitive and effective tool for all needs to calculate and confirm hashes

After a few days of using, I love this software.
I’m Professor at a University and I need this software for demonstrations during lectures. Great!

Very intuitive user interface, therefor easy to use. Covers all needs to calculate and confirm hashes. And: available for all platforms!

Tool is exactly what we were looking for

Tool is exactly what we were looking for: a fast, easy to use, general purpose hashing tool that also worked across Windows and Mac. Very quick and helpful response when we had a question. Looking forward to some of the upcoming planned features.

R Harris