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v3.1.0 is now available

After several months, v3.1.0 is now available for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux (Debian based distributions) from the downloads section. Code signed executables are no longer available. There was insufficient demand from the previous code-signed version (0.4% of total downloads) and until that demand is made apparent to me, I won't be spending $500 on a new Digicert certificate. Of course, the hashes are available to verify the downloads. Update : HashLib4Pascal library updated to master version available as of 18th July 2019. New : Added SHA-3 (256) hash algorithm  New : Added Blake2B (256) hash algorithm (best on [...]

v3.1.0 is coming soon with new algorithms…

It's been a while since a new version of QuickHash was on the table. v3.0.4 has been fairly stable. There's been a few minor bug reports mostly relating to presentation aspects, but there's been a fair few feature suggestions that have had merit. I've been asked multiple times to include the BLAKE and SHA-3 hash algorithms, most notably. If I'm asked once or twice, that is one thing, but when it gets to double digits I figure I have to act! So v3.1.0 will feature BLAKE2b (256) which is a super fast algorithm and very secure. 2B is specifically [...]

Quickhash v3.0.4 Released

v3.0.4 for Windows and OSX has been released this evening. I'll try to get the Linux version ready in the next few days. I just need to get it compiled and get the Debian packages made by my co-developer. Improvements are : The 'File' tab was not showing automatically when using drag and drop. Now it does. On Linux and OSX, the program will now automatically use default system wide SQLite libraries. This should reduce the risk of the program failing to load due to an SQLite file not being where it is expected to be. Reverted the "hash [...]

Quickhash v3.0.3 Released

v3.0.3 for Windows and OSX has been released this evening. I'll try to get the Linux version ready in the next few days. I just need to get it compiled and get the Debian packages made by my co-developer. Improvements are : v3.0.3 (Jan 2019) The 'Load Hashlist' functionality in the 'FileS' tab would accept all values but then compare them against computer uppercase hashes strings, meaning any lowercase imported values were not matched. Now all input is converted to uppercase first. The 'Load Hashlist' functionality in the 'FileS' tab can now accept CSV saved files (but must still [...]

Case Sensitivity Problem with Hashlist Import

This is to let users know that a bug has been identified with the "Load Hashlist" feature regarding case sensitivity. This effects v3.0.2. From user reports I expect this problem to not impact on many users because the few who have used this feature will most likely have imported uppercase values anyway. But there may be a handful of people, like the person who posted the linked comment above, where that is not the case. If you have never used this feature, there is no problem for you. If the hash list you are importing is uppercase there is [...]

QuickHash v3.0.2 released for all platforms

I am pleased to announce the release of v3.0.2 of QuickHash for Windows, OSX and Linux. This is a maintenance release that addresses several bugs; one of which was quite important. As reported HERE , a user pointed out that path lengths were being truncated over a certain length. He rightly thought it was due to the Windows MAX_PATH value, but in fact it affected all values over 128 characters. This was a bug introduced with v3.0.0 which had not been noticed as most users probably wouldn't have been impacted by this. Nevertheless, there will be users who were. It [...]

QuickHash v3.0.0 Is Out Now!

Well I know now why I kept putting off the integration of QuickHash with SQLite! It started in October, and has taken me 4 months to finish! To say the work has been quite monumental would perhaps be putting it mildly. Don't get me wrong - the user won't notice an enormous difference in terms of the interface. On the whole, its still very much the same, but the number of changes, fixes, improvements and its integration with SQLite have meant enormous re-writes of existing code and writing of several new units. In addition, I've tried to get round to [...]

v3.0.0 Beta 2 for Windows out now

Further to my earlier blog post a couple of hours ago, the second beta version of QuickHash v3.0.0 for Windows is out now. For now, Windows only. Linux and OSX will follow soon, but not today. Download the beta at The bug reporting area is

Long Awaited New Feature – Existing Hash List Import and Lookup

For a few years, users have asked "Is it possible to have Quickhash import a list of existing hashes and then have it flag files that are known or unknown to the hashlist?". And for several years I have replied with "One day, I will add that. You're not the first to ask". Well, I am pleased to report that with a little free time over Christmas and an hour here and there, I have, at last, managed to add that functionality! The new beta2 of v3.0.0 (just released) has a "Load Hashlist" tick box which, when clicked, displays [...]

Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0 released

A handy little utility for automating the generation of sample data was created to help with the development of QuickHash v3.0.0. That utility is now available for anyone wanting to use it. For a full write up and to get the download link, visit Random file generation Random String generation using Teds Tremendous Data Generator