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v3.0.0 Beta 2 for Windows out now

Further to my earlier blog post a couple of hours ago, the second beta version of QuickHash v3.0.0 for Windows is out now. For now, Windows only. Linux and OSX will follow soon, but not today. Download the beta at https://quickhash-gui.org/download/v3-0-0-beta-for-windows/ The bug reporting area is https://quickhash-gui.org/bug-tracker/

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Long Awaited New Feature – Existing Hash List Import and Lookup

For a few years, users have asked "Is it possible to have Quickhash import a list of existing hashes and then have it flag files that are known or unknown to the hashlist?". And for several years I have replied with "One day, I will add that. You're not the first to ask". Well, [...]

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Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0 released

A handy little utility for automating the generation of sample data was created to help with the development of QuickHash v3.0.0. That utility is now available for anyone wanting to use it. For a full write up and to get the download link, visit https://www.quickhash-gui.org/teds-tremendous-data-generator/ Random file generation Random String generation [...]

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Sorry for the Drastic Server Outage on Sunday 17th Dec

So on Sunday 17th Dec I was going about my normal daily duties and I noticed I had an e-mail from one of the security related monitoring systems (GravityScan) that periodically scan my site, to report the site could not be reached. So like all web site administrators, I immediately went to check, and [...]

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v3.0.0 Beta for Windows is out!

As I announced here and here some weeks ago, I am pleased to announce that a beta version of QuickHash v3.0.0 that now incorporates SQLIte will be available in the downloads area from 21:00 UK time on 15th Dec 2017. Please ensure you export the files from zip and be aware that the user [...]

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YAFFI – Yet Another Free Forensic Imager

The development of QuickHash v3.0 continues as per my previous two announcements. But, as excited as I am about QH v3.0, I have other programming projects going on too, and one had been neglected for a while called ‘YAFFI’. YAFFI is a disk imager that I first made for a bit of fun back [...]

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Coming soon…v3.0.0…with SQLite technology!

Those of you who regularly follow the site may have thought things were quiet lately. Behind the scenes, I have been working hard on something I have wanted to do for about 18 months, and that is to convert QuickHash for use with SQLite. SQLite, as you probably know, is a very fast and [...]

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Hashing Unicode Text Strings

In my previous blog article, I described the use of QuickHash to hash password strings for use on the various data breach checking websites. A user contacted me to ask about Unicode characters and whether QuickHash can hash Unicode strings, like passwords that may contains German Umlauts and so on. Whilst it is not [...]

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Checking Hashed Passwords with QuickHash-GUI

I found an article recently that showed the use of QuickHash to check password strings and then using the resulting hash in one of the many sites that store hashes of passwords from data breaches. I then also found this article by The Register titled 'Crypto-busters reverse nearly 320 MEELLION hashed passwords' that talks [...]

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