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/Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0

Teds Tremendous Data Generator – v1.0.0

Version 1.0.0
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Create Date 19/12/2017
Last Updated 23/01/2018

Teds Tremendous Data Generator is quite simply a free, open source, cross platform, fast and easy-to-use arbitrary data generation tool. The interface is deliberately simple and comes as a tabbed system to enable generation of both text data, or files data of either the same or random nature.

The utility came about to help with the development of QuickHash-GUI. With version 3.0.0 of that tool, I frequently needed to have sample data to test out many of the newer features. Manually creating files quickly became frustrating, so ‘Teds Tremendous Data Generator’ was born to address the need. And having created it, it seemed daft to not allow others to benefit from it.

Currently for Windows but if the demand for a Linux and OSX version is made obvious to me, I will cross-compile it.

SHA-1 Hashes :

SHA1(TedsTremendousDataGenerator-v1.0.0.zip)= 2c9daf5662458524c41c78ef04b36c9842c78f5c

SHA1(TedsTremendousDataGenerator.exe)= 78b09353a789aaf923c7c631e251975f121e00d2

SHA1(UserManual.pdf)= d5f4b1ed2900d418aac3eeb6d8d76f1ae438aa65 (Updated 23rd Jan 2018)

If the tool is useful to you, please consider making a donation and feel free to leave feedback below or e-mail it to me.

Random String generation using Teds Tremendous Data Generator

Random String generation using Teds Tremendous Data Generator

Random file generation

Random file generation

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