After several months, v3.1.0 is now available for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux (Debian based distributions) from the downloads section. Code signed executables are no longer available. There was insufficient demand from the previous code-signed version (0.4% of total downloads) and until that demand is made apparent to me, I won’t be spending $500 on a new Digicert certificate. Of course, the hashes are available to verify the downloads.

Update : HashLib4Pascal library updated to master version available as of 18th July 2019.

New : Added SHA-3 (256) hash algorithm 

New : Added Blake2B (256) hash algorithm (best on 64-bit systems, faster than MD5, SHA-1, SHA-3, SHA256 and SHA512 and more reliable than MD5, SHA-1 and comparable to SHA-3) : 

New : The FileS tab right-click menu now includes ‘Copy all hashes’ option, to clipboard ALL the hash values in the hash column. If > 10K values, will ask user if he wants to write to a file instead. 

Fix : The “Compare Two Files” tab had a bug. If the user clicked the resulting hash, it would be copied to clipboard correctly but be described as MD5 even if the chosen algorithm was not MD5. Fixed. 

Fix : In all tabs, xxHash in 64-bit mode did not show a progress bar. The 32-bit version did though. That discrepency was fixed. 

Fix : When comparing two folders, if there was a count mis-match, the log showed the same name for both folders, instead of “Folder A and Folder B”, it said “Folder A and Folder A”. Fixed. 

Fix : In the FileS tab, when exporting BILLIONS of files an out of memory limit was reached. This should now be fixed due to implementation of a file write stream instead of using CSVExport library.

Fix : Theoretical compliance to Apple OSX Catalina 64-bit enforcement.