GDPR Privacy Compliance

This website doesn't send out boring circulars like clothing shops do, or like software vendors and "physical entertainment" providers do. The only people who come here are usually meaning to on purpose. So there shouldn't be any GDPR issues. However, it is possible to subscribe to the blog and you will therefore get e-mails to notify you of new posts. If you don't want that, unsubscribe from it. I have also created a new page detailing the privacy policy.

Hashing Unicode Text Strings

In my previous blog article, I described the use of QuickHash to hash password strings for use on the various data breach checking websites. A user contacted me to ask about Unicode characters and whether QuickHash can hash Unicode strings, like passwords that may contains German Umlauts and so on. Whilst it is not that common for such characters to be used in passwords, they sometimes are, depending on the application. And the answer is yes - QuickHash will generate a hash of a Unicode string no problem. As you can see in the screenshot below, if I type [...]

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v2.8.3 Beta2 Available Now

v2.8.3 Beta2 is available now from Github (https://github.com/tedsmith/quickhash/releases/tag/v2.8.3) This beta contains further improvements most notably to the Base64 decoding tab such as more gracious error reporting and how it responds if the user decides to cancel a step etc. It now stops more gracefully rather than just violently showing you error messages and then closing down! There's also been a checker added that Base64 data is indeed Base64 data before it tries to decode it. This is not a very robust check, but it is a check, whereas in Beta1 there was no check. Also added better disk handling [...]