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Submit a Testimonial!

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Dear user….

I’m pleased to say I get a lot of e-mails thanking me for QuickHash and I get the occasional donation too. In order to help others users read about YOUR experience of QuickHash, I’d very much appreciate you taking the time to write up your positive experiences for publication here. It’s also an opportunity for you to get your own company name and website listed on this website.

Submit a Testimonial HERE :

Users who wish to see improvements or find fault can of course use the bug tracker. Testimonials are not the place to complain!

Thank you for your time and continued support of QuickHash-GUI. And if you wish to donate to the project, please consider doing so HERE

Existing Testimonials

QuickHash and File Backup Online

Having had serious problems with other backup/file-archiving methods, I now use the USAF Encryption Wizard (now called TENS, nothing to do with relief from pain) to encrypt-archive some crucial work files.

My procedure is to encrypt-archive the crucial files with the USAF Encryption Wizard and then I decrypt-expand the .wza file that the USAF Encryption Wizard has created to another folder. I then use QuickHash to check that the decrypted-expanded files are identical to the originals. Since there are over 180MB of crucial files, I cannot manually check each file, even though the USAF Encryption Wizard does support hashing files.

Without QuickHash I would be unable to use the method I currently use. The encrypted archive is uploaded to Dropbox, which does not support user-supplied encryption keys.

I have spot-checked the accuracy of what QuickHash is doing by using the USAF Encryption Wizard’s hashing function on some files. I did those spot-checks on an earlier version of QuickHash and will in due course do the same spot-check on the current version.

David Smith

SHA256 Checksum Calculation for Dummies!

For years I have recognised the importance of verifying that the software I download is the original version, and not one that’s been tampered with, but, as a non technical user, I found it impossible to get to grips with command line prompts, so I’ve been playing a dangerous game…

Anyway, I went to download the ZenCash wallet the other day, and on their download page they wrote:

“Security check: You may decide to run a virus scan on it before proceeding… In addition using a tool such as you may calculate the its SHA256 checksum.”

Not expecting to be able to make it work, I downloaded your software nonetheless, and was delighted when it worked flawlessly and without me needing any technical skills.

This is truly an answer to my prayers, so please accept my £20 donation with my sincere thanks!

Ted Long

Very intuitive and effective tool for all needs to calculate and confirm hashes

After a few days of using, I love this software.
I’m Professor at a University and I need this software for demonstrations during lectures. Great!

Very intuitive user interface, therefor easy to use. Covers all needs to calculate and confirm hashes. And: available for all platforms!

Tool is exactly what we were looking for

Tool is exactly what we were looking for: a fast, easy to use, general purpose hashing tool that also worked across Windows and Mac. Very quick and helpful response when we had a question. Looking forward to some of the upcoming planned features.

R Harris
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