v2.8.3 Removed from Downloads

//v2.8.3 Removed from Downloads

v2.8.3 Removed from Downloads

v2.8.3 had a bug introduced that was not present in v2.8.2 or below and has been fixed in v.2.8.4.

The bug related to the text hashing tab. Text was not being hashed correctly due to a change in the code that unknowingly had an adverse effect on the computed hash. Any user who used v2.8.3 to hash text values should re-run their computations using the new version and my apologies come with this. No other part of the program was affected. Due to the severity of this bug, I have removed v2.8.3 from the available downloads to avoid wider use, but should any user have a need for it, perhaps to verify their original actions against the new version, can request a copy via the Contact link.

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